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House of dragon


House of the Dragon beast is an American dream show TV series. A prequel to Game of Thrones (2011-2019), it is the second show in the establishment, made by George R. R. Martin and Ryan Condal for HBO.

Both series depend on the A Tune of Ice and Fire books by Martin. Condal and Miguel Sapochnik are the show runners. In view of parts of the original Fire and Blood, the series is set around 200 years before the occasions of Round of High positions, and 172 years before the introduction of Daenerys Targaryen. It depicts the start of the finish of House Targaryen, the occasions paving the way to and covering the Targaryen battle of progression, known as the “Dance of the Dragons”.

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House Of Dragon’s Plot

 House of the Dragon takes place two centuries before the War of the Five Kings, focusing on the Dance of the Dragons. The show is based on George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, along with the novella The Princess and the Queen and the novelette The Rogue Prince.

The series depends Fire & Blood, the first of George R.R. Martin’s two volumes jumping into the broad Targaryen history. As per HBO, the prequel is set many years before the occasions portrayed in Game of Thrones. It’s during that period when Aegon the Victor, the first of three centuries of Targaryen rulers, joined six of the seven realms of Westeros. Be that as it may, probably, particularly given what we realize about the cast, the series will zero in on the primary Targaryen nationwide conflict, a.k.a. “The Dance of the Winged serpents.” It’s during this “dance,” over hundred years after Aegon’s standard, that mythical beasts went terminated. Indeed, until Daenerys brought forth three 150 years after the fact.

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Where will be house of dragon release ?

First episode of house of dragon released on 21nd august 2022 at 9 p.m. on HBO channel. Every Sunday new episode will be premiering. You can also see each and every episode on Disney Hotstar on same date at 6:00 p.m. 3 hrs before Television.

How many dragons in the house of dragon ?

There is total 17 dragons in the house of dragon.

Which is the most powerful dragon in House of dragon ?

 Balerion is the most powerful dragon in house of dragon.

How many episodes will House of dragon have ?

House of dragon Season 1 had 10 episodes and House of dragon season 2 also will have 10 episode

Who is the red dragon in the House of dragon ?

Caraxes is the red dragon in the House of dragon

What is the enemy of the dragon ?

The ichneumon or echinemon was the enemy of the dragon

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House of dragon Episodes

Episode 1

NoTitleDirectorWriterDate of Release
1The heirs of dragonMiguel SapochnikRyan Condal21 august 2022
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With the two his children dead, old Ruler Jaehaerys I Targaryen gathers an Extraordinary Committee to pick a main beneficiary. The Westerosi masters select Jaehaerys’ oldest grandson, Sovereign Viserys, over his oldest grandkid, Princess Rhaenys. Nine years into his rule, Lord Viserys sorts out a competition to observe Sovereign Aemma Arryn’s pregnancy, certain she is conveying his hotly anticipated male beneficiary. The Little Gathering ignores Expert of Boats Ruler Corlys Velaryon’s admonition that the Triarchy, a union of Essos’ Free Urban communities, takes steps to handicap Westerosi transporting paths. The Hand of the Ruler, Ser Otto Hightower, scrutinizes Viserys’ sibling and successor, Sovereign Daemon, for his ruthlessness as the City Watch leader. At the competition, Ser Criston Cole, a typical conceived knight, outcompetes Daemon, while Aemma bites the dust in labor. Her infant child, Baelon, bites the dust not long after. Viserys declines the chamber’s supplications to delegate another beneficiary until Ser Otto uncovers that Daemon jokingly styled Baelon as “The Main successor for a Day.” Shocked, Viserys ousts Daemon from Lord’s Arrival and names his main living youngster, Princess Rhaenyra, main beneficiary of the Iron Lofty position.

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Episode 2

NoTitleDirectorWriterDate of Release
1The Rough PrinceGreg YaitanesRyan Condal28 august 2022
Table 1.2


A half year after Rhaenyra is named the main beneficiary, Daemon has wrongfully involved Dragonstone, upheld by faithful City Watch monitors. At the point when Sovereign Chief of naval operations Craghas Drahar, known as the Crabfeeder, dangers the Stepstones archipelago at the Essos Triarchy’s command, Rhaenyras recommends showing force. The Little Committee excuses this and on second thought consigns Rhaenyras to designating another Kingsguard knight. Disregarding others’ recommendation, she picks Ser Criston, the main knight with genuine fight insight. Ser Otto sends his adolescent matured little girl, Woman Alicent, to secretly reassure the lamenting ruler; she exhorts that Viserys and Rhaenyra examine his royal obligation to remarry. Ruler Corlys and his significant other, Princess Rhaenys, suggest that Viserys join their Valyrian houses through marriage with their twelve-year-old little girl, Laena. In the mean time, the Little Chamber discovers that Daemon, broadcasting himself the genuine successor, took a winged serpent egg and expects to wed his fancy woman, Mysaria, as an optional life partner. Ser Otto and a little separation sail to Dragonstone to recover the egg. Rhaenyra follows on her winged serpent, Syrax, and powers Daemon to repudiate his misleading cases and return the egg to her. Viserys declares he will marry Woman Alicent, incensing Ruler Corlys, who then searches out Daemon to propose a union.

Episode 3

NoTitleDirectorWriterDate of Release
1Second of his nameGreg YaitanesRyan Condal04 sept 2022
Table 1.3


For a very long time, the contentions in the Stepstones have heightened. Master Corlys and Sovereign Daemon fight Craghas Drahar and his privateers without the Iron High position’s help. In the interim, Ruler Viserys plans an extraordinary chase to commend his and pregnant Sovereign Alicent’s child Aegon’s subsequent birthday. Rhaenyra disdains her dad stacking over the top consideration on her relative Aegon. Their relationship is additionally stressed by the debilitated lord’s demand that 17-year-old Rhaenyra should wed to frame areas of strength for an and safeguard their genealogy. Among the admirers is Master Jason Lannister of Casterly Rock, a match Rhaenyra goes against. Indeed, even two-year-old Sovereign Aegon is proposed as a match. Ruler Solid suggests Ser Laenor Velaryon, Master Corlys’ child, to patch the break between the two houses. Beating his past questions, Viserys guarantees Rhaenyra she will remain his main successor and can pick her partner. In the interim, siblings Hobert and Otto Hightower covertly plan to make Sovereign Aegon the replacement, promoting their family’s power and glory. After Ser Vaemond Velaryon argues for the lord’s assistance, Viserys consents to send help to the Stepstones. Viewing his sibling’s help as finishing his opportunity to show what him can do, Daemon serves as an enticement to trap the Triarchy fighters, killing the Crabfeeder and winning the following fight before the crown’s powers show up

Episode 4

NoTitleDirectorWriterDate of Release
1King of narrow seaClare KilnerIra Parker11 sept 2022
Table 1.4


Rhaenyra, on a months-in length visit to track down a partner, meets and rejects endless admirers. She gets back to Lord’s Arrival, similarly as Ruler Daemon shows up from the Stepstones on his mythical beast, Caraxes. Named the “Ruler of the Restricted Ocean”, Daemon swears loyalty to Lord Viserys and presents him his crown. As the rejoined siblings observe, Sovereign Alicent trusts her depression to Rhaenyra, who misses their fellowship. Into the evening, Rhaenyra, camouflaged as a kid, escapes with Daemon to investigate Ruler’s Arrival; they drink, go to an indecent play, and visit a massage parlor where Daemon tempts a willing Rhaenyra, yet he forsakes her before they engage in sexual relations. Getting back to the Red Keep, Rhaenyra lures Ser Criston. A government operative illuminates Ser Otto, who enlightens the lord regarding Daemon and Rhaenyra’s partying. Alicent hears and secretly questions Rhaenyra, who denies having had intercourse with Daemon. The ruler irately defies a rumpled and hungover Daemon, who apparently affirms the allegations and proposes he marry Rhaenyra. Viserys claims Daemon believes that the marriage should acquire the crown, then, at that point, exiles him back to the Vale. To keep away from embarrassment and fortify the high position, Viserys orders Rhaenyra to wed Ser Laenor Velaryon. Viserys excuses Ser Otto as Hand after Rhaenyra charges that Otto controls the ruler for individual increase. The lord has Fantastic Maester Mellos give Rhaenyra a preparatory abortifacient tea.

House of dragon Cast

Series Music by 

Ramin Djawadi(10 episodes, 2022)
Table 2.1

Series Cinematography by 

Pepe Avila del Pino(2 episodes, 2022)
Alejandro Martínez(2 episodes, 2022)
Fabian Wagner(1 episode, 2022)
Table 1.1

Series Film Editing by 

Tim Porter(3 episodes, 2022)
Crispin Green(2 episodes, 2022)
Selina Macarthur(1 episode, 2022)
Chris Hunter(1 episode)
Table 2.2

Series Casting By 

Kate Rhodes James(10 episodes, 2022)
Table 2.2

Series Costume Design by 

Jany Temime(10 episodes, 2022)
Table 2.3

House Of Dragon IMDB Rating

IMDB rating is 8.7 out of 10.


Total 1,27,000 users given rating for House of dragons

Budget of House Of Dragon

According to source, every episode of House of Dragon is under 20 million USD. The overall budget of house of dragon season-1 was around 200 million USD

Where to House of dragon be released ?

-House of dragon firstly released on HBO max on date 21st august 2022. The first episode was also released on you tube channel on 2nd september 2022

-In New-zealand the series is distributed by Sky’s SOHO TV channel and Neon Services.

-In India Disney-Hotstar is Distributor

-In the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland Distributor is Sky Atlantic and its accompanying streaming service Now

-In Canada Distributor of House of the Dragon is Bell Media’s streaming service crave and its HBO linear channel.

-In Australia Distributors of House of the Dragon is Binge and Foxtel

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